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According to customer needs, we can customize hoses and hoses with different pressures and technical parameters.
Established in 1995, FERRASUN. is the world’s Rubber/PVC Covered Fire Hose Manufacturers and Rubber/PVC Covered Fire Hose factory in China. Engaged in fire hose business for more than 25 years, we have exported to 30 countries and regions, and cooperate with over 2000 customers. At the beginning, we aimed to help our customers protect their families, business, communities and properties from the devastating consequences of fire by delivering excellent service and quality products in a timely manner. Nowadays, more products are being developed and manufactured by FERRASUN., high polymer layflat hose has been widely used in agriculture and industrial fields. To ensure product quality, we strictly control the quality of raw material, set high standards for pre-delivery inspection, continue to pay attention to customer needs and innovate in production and technology. FERRASUN. is committed to providing outstanding services and fluid transportation solutions! We custom durable Rubber/PVC Covered Fire Hose over 25 years. OEM/ODM available.
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The company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and obtained a series of product quality certifications and tests such as EN, CCC and RoHS.

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Rubber Covered Hose /Durable Hose Industry Knowledge Extension

What is the difference between rubber covered hose and durable hose?
There are some differences between rubber covered hose and durable hose, mainly in the following aspects:
1. Material: The outer layer of rubber covered hose is usually made of rubber, and the inner layer may be made of different materials such as polyester fiber, polyurethane, PVC, etc.; while the durable hose is usually made of synthetic materials, such as nylon, polyester fiber, etc., may also be made of rubber.
2. Uses: Rubber-covered hose is mainly used to transport liquid, gas, etc., and is usually widely used in construction, agriculture, petroleum, chemical, medical and other industries; while the durable hose is more used for gas or liquid transport, often used in compressed air, paint, spray, and irrigation, etc.
3. Durability: Rubber-covered hose has good wear resistance, oil resistance, oxidation resistance, and UV resistance, so it has a long service life; while durable hose usually has better tear resistance and stretch resistance, so more durable in high-intensity working environments.
4. Appearance: The appearance of rubber covered hose is black rubber, which is harder and has good pressure resistance; while the appearance of durable hose is usually bright, such as yellow or orange, and the appearance is softer, which is more suitable for some low temperature or low-pressure environments.
5. Cost: Rubber-covered hose is usually more expensive than durable hose due to factors such as materials and craftsmanship.

Is there a difference in size and shape between rubber covered hose and durable hose?
Rubber-covered hose and durable hose may have some differences in size and shape, depending on their specific use and requirements. Here are some common differences:
1. Size: The size of rubber-covered hose and durable hose is usually determined according to the inner diameter and wall thickness. Typically, durable hoses may be larger in inner diameter because they need to withstand greater flow and pressure. The Rubber covered hose may be more concerned about the size and weight because they need better durability and compression performance.
2. Shape: There may also be differences in the shape of Rubber covered hose and durable hose. In general, Rubber covered hose is relatively hard, relatively fixed in shape, and difficult to bend; while durable hose is relatively soft, bendable, and has good flexibility.
3. Bending radius: The bending radius of Rubber covered hose and durable hose may also be different. Typically, durable hoses have smaller bend radii and are therefore better suited for tight workspaces, while rubber-covered hoses may require larger bend radii as they focus more on maintaining shape stability.

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