Founded in 1995, FERRASUN.

We are a

modern fire hose manufacturer and factory in China

. Deeply cultivated in the fire hose industry for 25 years.


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It is a key enterprise specializing in the production of fire hoses.

Combo Flex PVC/Rubber Covered Fire Hose

ComboFlex is a multi-purpose PVC covered hose, suitable for short-distance industrial fluid transportation. The outer and inner layers of its use PVC composite technology, which makes it has excellent...

Combo Flex PVC/Rubber Covered Fire HoseCombo Flex PVC/Rubber Covered Fire Hose
Combo Flex PVC/Rubber Covered Fire Hose


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Established in 1995, FERRASUN. is the world’s High quality manufacturer of fire hoses. Engaged in fire hose business for more than 25 years, we have exported to 30 countries and regions, and cooperate with over 2000 customers.

At the beginning, we aimed to help our customers protect their families, business, communities and properties from the devastating consequences of fire by delivering excellent service and quality products in a timely manner. Nowadays, more products are being developed ......

Feng Ruichen continues to pay attention to customer needs and maintains innovation in production and technology. The company follows the business philosophy of "professional excellence and innovation", and provides customers with excellent product services and more perfect fluid transmission solutions with a high sense of mission and responsibility. Program!.


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