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Established in 1995, FERRASUN. is the world’s High quality manufacturer of fire hoses. Engaged in fire hose business for more than 25 years, we have exported to 30 countries and regions, and cooperate with over 2000 customers.

We are leading Snake Flex Textile Fire Hose suppliers and manufacturers in China. At the beginning, we aimed to help our customers protect their families, business, communities and properties from the devastating consequences of fire by delivering excellent service and quality products in a timely manner. We export and wholesale Snake Flex Textile Fire Hose for Fire Fighting, Agriculture, Dewatering, Potable Water, SnowMaking etc. These Snake Flex Textile Fire Hose are export worldwide.

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  • Q. Precautions for product purchase

    1.Size, length and MOQ is 3000M

    2.Lining Type: PVC, TPU, Synthetic Rubber

    3.Working pressure and burst pressure

    4.Single jacket fire hose or double jacket

    5.Yarn type: polyester filament

    6.Packaging: Carton box or woven bag

  • Q. payment method

    T/T or L/C, other payment methods, please contact us before the payment.
  • Q. Delivery time

    Under normal circumstances, it will be shipped 30 natural days after receiving the 30% advance payment
  • Q. Port of shipment

    Ningbo Port and Yiwu Port
  • Q. Sample requirement

    Our professional team is willing to provide our customers with free sample service

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